Heroes of Styness

Session Two

In which we are Deputized in a suspicious matter

The following day. We’re at work, when guards arrive separately at our workplaces. They insist we accompany them to the headquarters of the Guard to see I forget if there is another name for this place. All of us but Patrick Kelley are there. We’re gathered in an opulent waiting room. It’s a nice place. Guards wait on the couches, we stand.

5 minutes go by. We discover that we’re in the waiting room to the office of the Antistitor Primoris, Bernard “Sheriff” Corson. Quentin bounces and picks a fight with the guards, but nothing comes of it. Five more minutes pass, before a lieutenant opens the door and escorts us in under guard.

The most noticeable feature of the room is an enormous mahogany desk, behind which sits a very bored looking Bernard Corson. He has heard from Eduard Masterson that we “assaulted a member of the night watch,” and proceeds to grill us on our involvement. After a while, he dismisses all the guards except for Lieutenant Erik Bornald. He then reveals that he knows the truth, that the guard was Bill masquerading. Bernard Corson tells us that he believes that Foreigners are forging Guard uniforms and badges. Because Bill, Olin, and Jolly all work in the agriculture bureau in Rholv, Corson believes the foreigners are based there. He wants us to find evidence of foreigners and/or counterfeiting. Erik Bornald will transport us to Rholv in the guise of prisoners. Bernard Corson gives each of us 10 pp and the rest of the day to shop and prepare.

That afternoon, we meet to discuss our options. Bel and Curteel Bundo don’t trust that the Sheriff is telling us the truth: either he is so paranoid he believes this is the work of foreigners, or he’s lying to us to cover something, likely political infighting. In case we’re way over our heads, we’d like to find an escape route short of running off into the mountains. We don’t come up with anything , but agree to keep on the lookout for signs that we don’t know the whole truth.

Into the Wilds
The next morning (Sunday), we gather at the West Gate. Erik Bornald demonstrates the secret hiding places in the wagon. Bel wonders what the Guard uses these wagons for normally. We’re manacled to the wagon, but there is a release mechanism under Erik Bornald’s control. We begin our journey.

A few hours away from Rholv, passing through a narrow pass along a mountain stream, we’re ambushed by half a dozen goblins, a pair of orcs, and several goblin skeletons. The skeletons have the same Phylacteries as Stynesian skeletons. Erik Bornald releases us, and we defeat them, despite the fact that one of the goblins is a cleric and created several skeletons. One of the orcs escapes, and we capture Bizog the goblin. He tells us about his tribe’s village, and how their Shaman Bork became smarter recently and learned to create skeletons. We question Bizog and then after an argument about what to do with him we leave him to signal us if he sees anyone following.

Bel’s Thoughts on the Matter
I’m not sure whether we’ll find foreigners or someone else behind this. I need to know more about how skeletons are created, but if the Phylacteries are a necessary part of the magic, it makes sense that the same group who is forging badges could be forging Phylacteries for the goblins. However, it seems unlikely that Foreigners would be using necromancy in any kind of attack on Styness. Assuming there is nothing immediately strange in Rholv, I think we should find out who could be forging badges and/or Phylacteries. I think many artisans make Phylacteries, but it might be an unusual thing for someone out in Rholv to be doing.



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