Beladon Mancyas

Level 3 Halfling Diviner

DEX 15
INT 17
WIS 14
CHA 18

Beladon “Bel” Mancyas is a halfling “Guerilla Historian.” He delights in uncovering secrets about the history of Styness which embarrass the powers that be, which means he will likely not rise far in his Path of Philosopher. As a diviner, he is capable of discovering secrets through spells and skills like Knowledge: History, Linguistics, and Spellcraft. He also uses unconventional methods such as Charm Person, Bluff, and Climb. Bel is gregarious and friendly, and conveys his honest enthusiasm to everyone he meets.

Bel’s personal history is still unknown, but I believe he was raised by a single mother, his father having joined the Empyrean when Bel was but a wee halfling (and “eighthling” if you will).

Bel’s familiar and constant companion is a small golden-brown lizard , Zanas.

Beladon Mancyas

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