Gerod Tremane

Prelate Nullius of Styness



The Prelate Nullius is the spiritual leader of Styness society. He is the interpreter of the will of the Ancestral Empyrean and the high scholar-leader of the clergy of Styness. It could be said that he is the most important citizen in the city, though he has little official control of day to day administration of the city.

Physical Description

Gerod is a middle aged dwarf. He is clad in ornate priestly robes. He has shaved head, showing a swarthy complexion, and an ornately braided beard which is partway between dark brown and gray.


Gerod is softly spoken for a dwarf. He carries himself with a gentle grace becoming of a man of the cloth. When he speaks, he prefers to use passive voice and metaphor, with a heavy dose of scriptural reference.

Gerod Tremane

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