Malcolm Chandler

Level 2 Human Swordsage


STR 11
DEX 17
CON 13
INT 12
WIS 16

AC 18
HP 21


Malcolm comes from a family that forty years earlier were influential members of the philosopher caste. This status ended suddenly when Magnus Chandler, based on his personal philosophy and a lifetime of deep contemplation, said at a social gathering that he didn’t believe that consciousness continued after death. Needless to say everyone around him was shocked, and in the space of three days the family was stripped of its wealth and status. Magnus disappeared soon afterwards. As a result Malcolm grew up poor in a rather bad section of town, hearing stories from his father of a rather opulent past. Based on this background, he distrusts dogma as a general rule, and doesn’t like have a strong religious belief of his own.

He learned his skills from a local bum named Aelric, a former Swordsage brought low through his own indiscretion, in exchange for money and beer. As such he spent a lot of time around pubs and decided to go into the bar keeping profession. He works for Mr. Proust at The Swann’s Way Inn. His main hobby, in keeping with family tradition, is to work out his own system of philosophy about the world around him, mainly through conversations with customers at the bar, once they get drunk enough to not be annoyed with his “deep” questions. Malcolm is otherwise quiet, preferring to think and listen rather than take the lead in a conversation.

Malcolm Chandler

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