Tag: Bully


  • Bill

    Bill is a local drunk and malcontent. He somehow acquired a [[Night Guard]] uniform and, along with [[:jolly]] and [[:olin]] attempts to cause trouble for us. Bill works in an unimportant job in agriculture in Rholv.

  • Jolly

    A friend of [[:emmond-braggus]], Jolly is one of the three who attempt to waylay us on the night after [[Attainment]]. Jolly has an unimportant role in the bureaucracy dealing with agriculture in [[Rholv]].

  • Emmond Braggus

    A bully who attained with us. [[:patrick-kelley]] picks a fight with him after [[Attainment]], and tricks him into drinking too much. Our treatment of him may be why his friends [[:jolly]] and [[:olin]] attempt to waylay us that night.

  • Olin

    A friend of [[:emmond-braggus]] and [[:jolly]], Olin also attempts to do us mischief the night of [[Attainment]]. Olin holds and unimportant position in [[Rholv]]'s agriculture.