Tag: Foreign-contact


  • Tholme

    Tholme is a mysterious figure who lives in northern [[Rholv]]. He has been employing [[:humbart-brommel]] to gather information on the clergy for some purpose.

  • Humbart Brommel

    Humbart Brommel is a suspicious character. Posing as mead salesman from [[Northlund]], he actually acts as a smuggler in goods and information. In particular, he has been ferreting out information about the clergy for someone named [[:Tholme]]. Brommel …

  • Armand Finn

    A cleanly and thin man, Armand is always greedy for cash at the [[Haddock's Finn]]. He may have rented rooms to [[Foreigners]], and may do so regularly, as he seems to understand the [[Old Tongue | Language]]. Tortured, but not able to reveal anything of …