Tag: Guard


  • Bernard Corson

    [[Antistitor Primoris]] is the Chief of Police. Technically he's an [[Artisan]], but his power means he doesn't answer to [[:jory-hern]]. Known as the Sheriff (but not to his face), he sends us on our journey to [[Rholv]] in search of evidence of [[ …

  • Erik Bornald

    Erik Bornald is a lieutenant in the [[Guard]]. [[:bernard-corson | The Sheriff]] orders him to escort us to [[Rholv]] and act as our Handler as we investigate signs of infiltration by [[Foreigners]]. Erik is an alcoholic, although is able to control his …

  • Eduard Masterson

    Eduard Masterson is a low-ranking member of the [[Night Guard]]. He arrives on the scene after we are attacked by bullies and someone masquerading as a guard. He immediately recognizes that the "guard" is local drunk and malcontent, Bill. He later reports …

  • Delm Fryborg

    A large, fat man, Delm's word appears to be law around [[Werrickshire]], but when [[:erik-bornald]] brings word from [[:bernard-corson]] to bend the rules for our sake, he hops.