Tag: Human


  • Jory Hern

    A watchmaker in his original profession, his angular face and geometrically inspired attire attribute to his pursuit of complete balance and unyielding perfection. He is an older human male of average height and of medium build. He has a perfectly groomed …

  • Manwe Suchkin

    Manwe is a middle aged human male with a tall tapered figure, and dark skin. His shaved head quickly becomes slicked with sweat, and he always seems uncomfortably hot. His low voice seems to dip inconsistently, as if he has trouble deciding what register …

  • Bernard Corson

    [[Antistitor Primoris]] is the Chief of Police. Technically he's an [[Artisan]], but his power means he doesn't answer to [[:jory-hern]]. Known as the Sheriff (but not to his face), he sends us on our journey to [[Rholv]] in search of evidence of [[ …

  • Erik Bornald

    Erik Bornald is a lieutenant in the [[Guard]]. [[:bernard-corson | The Sheriff]] orders him to escort us to [[Rholv]] and act as our Handler as we investigate signs of infiltration by [[Foreigners]]. Erik is an alcoholic, although is able to control his …

  • Eduard Masterson

    Eduard Masterson is a low-ranking member of the [[Night Guard]]. He arrives on the scene after we are attacked by bullies and someone masquerading as a guard. He immediately recognizes that the "guard" is local drunk and malcontent, Bill. He later reports …

  • Bill

    Bill is a local drunk and malcontent. He somehow acquired a [[Night Guard]] uniform and, along with [[:jolly]] and [[:olin]] attempts to cause trouble for us. Bill works in an unimportant job in agriculture in Rholv.

  • Emmond Braggus

    A bully who attained with us. [[:patrick-kelley]] picks a fight with him after [[Attainment]], and tricks him into drinking too much. Our treatment of him may be why his friends [[:jolly]] and [[:olin]] attempt to waylay us that night.

  • Olin

    A friend of [[:emmond-braggus]] and [[:jolly]], Olin also attempts to do us mischief the night of [[Attainment]]. Olin holds and unimportant position in [[Rholv]]'s agriculture.

  • Delm Fryborg

    A large, fat man, Delm's word appears to be law around [[Werrickshire]], but when [[:erik-bornald]] brings word from [[:bernard-corson]] to bend the rules for our sake, he hops.

  • Armand Finn

    A cleanly and thin man, Armand is always greedy for cash at the [[Haddock's Finn]]. He may have rented rooms to [[Foreigners]], and may do so regularly, as he seems to understand the [[Old Tongue | Language]]. Tortured, but not able to reveal anything of …